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Anatomy and physiology quizzes

Anyone who has ever studied anatomy and physiology knows how difficult the subject can be. The easiest way to learn is to practice using the best anatomy and physiology quizzes.

Anatomy is the structure of the parts of the body and physiology is the study of the functions of the living organism and its parts. You must learn the 2 together to fully understand the human body.

There will be a lot of repetition when it comes to learning this tough subject. You will need to memorize some very difficult terms for eg, muscle names like trapezius, gastrocnemius, sternocleidomastoid etc. A lot of the words are in Latin too, which makes them harder to learn.

When I was studying I found the best way to approach this subject was to study anatomy and physiology quizzes over and over again. I would quiz myself on a particular area, say for example the nervous system. I would take 20 questions per day, write them on an index card and spend any spare time I had memorizing them. At the end of that day I would test myself and see how my progress was. The next day I would take another 20 questions and learn them and continue this process for the week. I became so much more confident in my knowledge and understanding of each body system.

It is also a good idea to learn the body systems is a certain order. For example I would recommend beginning to learn the cell first. Not only is it how the human body begins but it is also the toughest chapter and I like to get the hardest part over with first! Learn the skeletal system before the muscles as you will find that a lot of the names of the bones are quite similar to their corresponding muscles. Take the circulatory and lymphatic systems and learn these together. There is also a lot of overlapping with the endocrine and reproductive systems so it is a good idea to learn these together.

It is all about memorizing and testing yourself over and over again.

If you use the best anatomy and physiology quizzes you will find that you are better able to cope with your studying. Just keep testing yourself every day and be consistent.