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Human back anatomy

human back anatomy

The human body is incredibly an amazing thing. Those of you, who have studied the human anatomy, perhaps would be thinking that they know every bit of the human body. But this body is such that no matter how much you study there are still some hidden and weird facts that many of us would not know.

If you are interested in finding out these weird facts, then keep reading.

• Fingernails grow four times faster than the toenails.
• When you grow up, all your body parts grow except the size of the eyes. The size of eyes remains same as it was during the time of birth. However, the ears and nose never stop growing.
• Everyday almost 120 sexual intercourses take place all over the world!!
• Can you imagine the total saliva produced in the entire lifetime can fill up two large sized swimming pools?
• When you are sleeping, you think that your brain is resting. However, on contrary, the brain actually is more active during the night than it is in the day time.
• The power needed for a brain to function is the same as needed to light up a 10 watt bulb.
• The human brain cell has the capacity to hold information five times more than an Encyclopedia Britannica.
• Are you aware the largest human cell is the ovum, while the sperm is the smallest cell in the body?
• The largest organ in the body is not the heart or the liver, but the small intestine.
• When we feel pain, the brain itself never feels it.
• To smile 17 muscles are involved and to frown 43 muscles are required.
• Heart beats faster in women as compared to men.

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